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Cuz I'm here taking care of the baby puppies:Bummies: , and I have to pay attention every second I can so... Here it is!! I might do this with all my Ocs so, why not? :dummy:


1.) Hello there! Welcome to the OC meme. Please introduce the OC you'll be using. What's his/her/its full name?

Me: Misaki Hayami :happy: 

2.) Lovely. What made you choose this name for your OC?

Me: Uh... It was the first time I was making my own character for something so, I just choose it randomly  Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon 

3.) I see. What does your OC think of their name?

Misaki: ...Well, she choose it so... Even, it means "beatiful" or something like that, and I'm like Dillon Francis- Wut Emote  Me: :dummy: :heart:

4.) OK then! Would they change their name if they could? Did they ever go by a different name?

Misaki: No, I got used to it...~

5.) What is your OC's background? Where did they come from?

Me: She comes from a very VERY small clan, works with secrets seals and ninja animals, the ones you can summon when you need help~ Especially with dragons~ But I still have to work on it :dummy:

6.) Describe how your OC looks, or just give us a picture. Your call.

Me: Umm... Time to describe!! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]  She got long dark brown hair, until her middle back. She always wear a ponytail and her normal shinobi outfit or everyday outfit. Dark brown eyes and light skin like mix of orange or yellow? OK SKIN COLOUR CUZ JNKKDANDJS :stare:

7.) Why did you pick your OC to have this appearance?

Me: Well, at first I thought to make myself as a Naruto shinobi but then I remembered I had Misaki, that was an OC from Tsubasa's Chronicles AUso... Yup, I changed it all her personality and all ouo

8.) Does your OC symbolise anything else?

Me: Nope c:

9.) What fandom is your OC from? Or is he/she/it in an Original Story?

Me: From Naurto's :dummy: !!!  Naruto Icon 

10.) I see. Can you summarize your OC's story?

Me: Misaki is a kunoichi and jinchuriki from Konohagukare. Since she was a little, she was taken to do tests about her bijuu's abilities surrounded of ANBUs. Once she lost control of her bijuu and they had to chained her in a dungeon. Soon, when she got 13 years old, she joined Yuuak and Oru her teammates. She waspretty cold at first, knew why she was in that dark dungeon but was mad that nobody gave her explanations or tell her about her back story. The years pass, met Naruto and everyone and soon started to change...

11.) Interesting…Pick two of your other OCs (or characters from a fandom) and describe their relationship, or show us how they normally interact.

Me: Yuuka and Oru, They are her teammates. At first, she didnt get on well with Yuuka. She thought that Yuuka wanted to get attention, especially from Oru. About Oru, she gets on well better with him. Oru was always kind and very intelligent. Misaki always thought he was wise and admires him. Oru knew about Misaki's past and felt bad about her so, he did his best to help her in any way. Yuuka did the same as soon as she got too understand why their sensei and Oru got their attention to Misaki.

Normal day with these three, going for an assignment...

Yuuka is walking behind them in a slow pace, starting to get ried. "G-Guys... I'm getting tired... Can we stop...? I think I've fainted." Misaki and Oru look at each other, and Oru speaks. "You are right, I'm thirsty. Lets stop here girls! :D (Big Grin)" The three go under a tree, Oru sitting in the middle with a map. "While we are resting, we should see where we are and the place we are going that is..." Looks in the map thinking. "We can find a shortcut =P (Razz)" Says Yuuka. "Sure about it? I dont think its a good idea No, I disagree! "Mumbles Misaki. Yuuka frowns and hears her. "Why not? *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (Angry)We can reach to the place fast!!!" Misaki frowns back and says; "Whatever..." "Umm... Girls, I guess we should find a red bridge, its like a shortcut to reach there... Betareader Emote" Yuuka smiles triumphant. "Yaaas!!!! :la: !!!! Where is that bridge? OuO?" Oru stays in blank at the map. "Umm... I dont know... I-I mean, I don't remember Oops" Misaki and Yuuka just stay blankly, they never thought that Oru would forget something. Yuuka stands first. "Well, we should go back and take the other way we passed a few minutes ago!!" Misaki thinks with her hand on her mouth. "I dont know... If I recall correctly, our sensei took this same rute we are taking now..." Yuuka pouts frowning more. "I dont think so!! We should go back Llama Emoji-66 (Angry) [V3] " Misaki just glares at Yuuka. "EXO : Baekhyun Stare I've said... We should continue, then we can go back if I'm wrong..." Yuuka gets angry. "NO!Spam-in-a-Box: :OOO - angry  We should go back!!! Sans Rage Intensifies Chat Emoticon" And the 'argument' continues until they definetly decide xD or when Yuuka explodes... Yuuka: ITS ALWAYS LIKE THAT DJLALNDSKADNSKJADAS RAGE 

12.) When you were making your OC, how did you plan it out?

Me: At first I thought of making her Tsubasa's Chronicles OC but when I finished reading the manga I didnt know what to do so... I started to watch other animes and that was when I started watching Naruto and I transform Misaki into a shinobi xD

13.) Describe your OC's personality.

She is a bit cold at first when she meets someone, then she gets use to it slowly, taking her time to know the person. She is not always smiling but tries her best to it, and finds it difficult to show her emotions...

14.) Why does your OC act this way? Is it because of their past? Or is it because of a certain event or person?

Me: Yeah, part of it its because of her past, she never got the opportunity to have friends when she was a kid...

15.) What is one deep dark secret your OC has?

Me: Well... She worked for the ANBU three years and always had to kill someone or torture it... Then she left

16.) What does your OC regret the most?

Me: Not having asked about her father, they once told her he was alive but nver had a photo or anything... But he was always with her... He was their sensei and captain of the group :nuu:

17.) What is the worst thing that has ever happened to your OC?

Me: I killed her father and grandmother :dummy: Misaki: ... Sans Rage Intensifies Chat Emoticon  Me: Shit... scared.... 'the 2nd' *Runs*

18.) What is the best thing that has ever happened to your OC?

Me: Her teammates, Naruto and..................... <s> Gaara </s> cloudeweplz cloudeweplz cloudeweplz  Misaki:  Ciel - Blush 

19.) Anything extra you want to add?

Me: Umm... Nope(? Kenshirou: Hey you forgot about meh >:V Me: Oh yeah, yeah... :dummy: // Misaki's bijuu is named Kenshirou. He is a big dragon, it was an experiment from the people of her clan... I still have to work on that part LOL

20.) Finally, it's over. What does your OC have to say?

Misaki: She should work more in full body poses to draw our outfits better and people can know how we are physically... And to finish my challenge eme Me: I know, I KNOW SHHHHHHS ><

21.) What do you want to say?

Me: I'll do the same with the others and I WONT FORGET IT SANDJKSANDJKAS

BY: Choco-Chuu


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